ROK Coffee

We are ROK Coffee

A coffee ware manufacturer from London, UK, with a offer in more than 20 countries, mainly in Europe and the US.
Our products, which are not only high in performance, but also fun to use and beautiful to look at, have attracted the attention of espresso and coffee enthusiasts around the world, and continue to be loved by them.

Hearing the real voices of our customers.

Although ROK has received a variety of awards.
But the most gratifying thing for us is hearing the real voices of customers who have actually used our products, and we places great importance on interacting with them.

Development Story

ROK Coffee was born from founder Patrick Hunt's passion for the science of coffee making and his desire to design something better, not for people, but "for ourselves.
The concept of "Feel the Coffee" is based on the idea of manually brewing coffee so that the aroma and flavor of the coffee can be enjoyed as it subtly changes.
The manual espresso maker, which is the origin of ROK, was mass-produced in 2003, after many improvements and fine-tuning.
We wanted to create something that would last longer and consume less energy.


ROK spent two years making significant improvements to its manual espresso maker. The classic design was retained, but the pressure chamber was redesigned with a new glass composite material, nearly doubling the performance of the previous version. It was reborn as EspressoGC in 2019.

Narrow pressure chamber designed to ensure high pressure.
Extraction is possible at pressures of 5-10 bar. Pressure varies with the grain size and amount of ground beans and the amount of force applied to the arm.

The equation “sustainability = longevity” also allows those who originally own a ROK espresso maker to upgrade by replacing parts of their existing espresso makers, and we have received high praise for such a company approach.

”Things I like, it’s compact, it works well, you’re definitely hitting high pressures by having a narrower brew chamber than normal.”
“I think it’s well designed, it’s thoughtful, it can make nice espresso.”


ROK Coffee started out as an espresso maker, but “great coffee starts with a great grinder,” so we set out to develop a grinder.We wanted to revolutionize this market with a manual coffee grinder that was world-class, a pleasure to use, and inexpensive.”
With this in mind, the first coffee grinder was completed after two years of development.Through Indiegogo, an American crowdfunding site, we succeeded in obtaining $299,715 (about 32 million yen) in support. In 2019, it was reborn as GrinderGC with a deeper pursuit of grain stability and grain size control.

W1 Filter

To brew a good cup of coffee, it is important to make sure that the ground coffee grounds and hot water come in contact with each other evenly and that the hot water permeates all the grounds. Conventional V-shaped coffee drippers apply more pressure to the tip, resulting in a difference in extraction between the tip and the rim, and we felt that skill was required to brew tasty coffee. We began development of a W-shaped dripper instead of the conventional V-shaped dripper to reduce the pressure difference during extraction. After repeated testing, we arrived at this shape. Anyone can drip coffee more deliciously.