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ROK EspressoGC

Recommended by the world barista champion! From UK, Manual Espresso Maker / 2 colors

Silver 26,700 yen
Black 28,500 yen


  • Enjoy a cup of espresso "anytime, anywhere" without the need for a power supply!
  • High-quality metallic silver and black matte finish
  • Ideal for camping and outdoor activities
  • Enjoy barista-style espresso in just a few steps! Simple design with integrated parts
  • Enjoy espresso, cappuccino, latte, americano, and many other styles of coffee!
  • Set of contains

  • Espresso GC
  • Portafilter (Single spout)
  • Spoon (Tamper)
  • Double spout
  • Dosing funnel
  • Specific

  • Size:220×130×290 mm
  • Weight:1.74 kg
  • Material:Aluminum die-casting / Glass composite resin / Stainless steel
  • Maintenance

  • (1) Discard the powder from the portafilter and wash it.
  • (2) Wipe off the silicone of the extraction port.
  • ROK GrinderGC

    Even the world barista champion is impressed! High grade Manual Coffee Grinder

    30,000 yen


  • High-grade, long-life blade and double bearing construction for crisp, smooth grinding!
  • Accurate grain size adjustment by every 0.058mm.
  • Easy to operate with a turn of a dial to find your favorite taste!
  • Vertical rotation, long handle, and stationary type grinder make it possible to enjoy the grinding time!
  • Specific

  • Size: 252×210×290 mm mm
  • Weight:1.52 kg
  • Material:
  • [Body] Aluminum die-casting / Stainless steel / Glass composite resin
    [Cup] Bamboo composite


    [Daily care]
    Clean the hopper, mill blade, and adjustment wheel with a coffee brush. (Toothbrushes and brushes can be substituted.)

    [Cleaning of parts]
    It is possible to disassemble the machine for cleaning. Please try this when you have time and energy to spare.

    ROK Milk Flowser

    Easy to make fluffy milk

    3,080 yen


    Pour to the espresso with foamed milk, you can enjoy café latte.


    Size: H 157 mm, Φ 43 mm
    Weight: 82 g
    Heat Resistance Temperature: 100 ℃
    Material: Eastman Tritan / Stainless steel / Polypropylene

    How to use

    Place it in warm milk and move the head up and down several dozen times.

    W1 Filter

    Anyone can drip deliciously!
    W Type Coffee Dripper

    4,200 yen


    To brew a good cup of coffee, it is important to ensure that the ground coffee grounds and hot water come into contact with each other evenly and that the hot water permeates all of the grounds.

    The W1 Filter is a W-shaped coffee dripper that reduces the pressure difference during extraction, allowing anyone to drip coffee with better taste. The W1 Filter is a W-shaped filter.

    The W1 Filter can be used with a regular V-shaped paper filter.

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  • Size: 118 × 118 × 65 mm
  • Weight: 158 g
  • Materila: Bamboo composite/glass composite resin
  • * Includes 10 Hario 02 paper filters

    How to use

  • (1) Set the W1 Filter on top of the cup.
  • (2) Push the tip of the V-shaped paper filter (such as 02 type for HARIO V60) with your finger.
  • (*The paper filter can also be placed correctly by aligning the tip of the paper filter with the tip of the dripper and pushing it into the dripper.)
  • (3) Place the paper filter in the dripper and align it with the cylindrical mold provided.